Indus Bio Genetics Seeds Pvt. Ltd.

The company was incorporated in Jan 2014. We have vast experience in the field of agriculture. We have our offices in Noida, Telangana and Madhya Pradesh. We are in the process of building one of the biggest plant of its kind with a capacity of 25000 MT/annum. The company is in continuous process of delivering newer generation of seeds. Over 1 million farmers put their faith in our products every year. Currently we have an employee strength of 90 and marketing network across the states of Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Uttarakhand & Bihar

Product Portfolio

  • Indus 4555
  • Indus 4522 ++
  • I -81
  • I -92
  • I -20 ( Short Duration)
  • DHM -117( Short Duration)
  • Surabhi (Improved Paddy)
  • Vaibhav (Improved Paddy)
  • I-64*38 (Hybrid Paddy)
  • Indus-5444 (Hybrid Paddy)
  • Vikrantha( Black)
  • Gayatri ( Yellow)
  • Anamika
  • JS-335
  • Avantika
  • Aditi
  • SONA
  • 303 Gold
  • PBW 550
  • PBW 502
  • PBW 343 & 373
  • HD 2967

Happy Farmers

What Our Farmers Say

Message from MD's Desk

To adhere company's motto "Farmers First". I take this opportunity to welcome you all into the emerging world of seed business. Our mission is to ensure food security and better life of farming community through high quality seeds. We also need to ensure remunerative prices for growers to retain their interest in Farming profession. A lot has been done by the scientific community to discover newer technologies, however, it is much needed to make agriculture self-sustainable for the betterment of life.

I am confident that I will be able to serve my countrymen in general and farming community in particular under your patronage. I am determined to make "Indus Bio Genetics Seeds Pvt Ltd" a global brand in its outlook, product and Services
Best Compliments
Vaibhav M.